Men Suffering From ED – What Does Statistics Says?

There are lots of men experiencing erectile dysfunction. What’s so sad is that there are lots of them who are timid and afraid to discuss this issue with their family, partner and the rest of their loved ones.

Lots of people consider this as a taboo, and having such can be very degrading and makes you feel small. You have to understand that ED can be due to lots of reasons; it can be due to physical and psychological issues as well.
ED is very common among middle-aged men and not just men who are in their late years. Although ED can be due to aging as well.

Erectile dysfunction is simply the inability to maintain erection during sexual activity. Consistent erectile dysfunction should propel you to seek medical help given that if you are experiencing it on a daily basis, then, it’s not normal anymore.
ED can be part of aging, but it can slow down with the help of good and healthy lifestyle and natural methods like enhancement exercises and male enhancement pills.
But you have to understand that not all male enhancement methods are best for you and they do not provide same results for every user as well. ED can be treated as long as you are using the right and credible technique.

The Number

It is true that erectile dysfunction is not only common among aged men but also younger men. Younger men who tend to smoke and drink alcohol have greater risks of developing erectile dysfunction.
Older men who have heart disease and are taking certain kind of medication have higher tendency of suffering from erectile dysfunctions as well.
About 40% of in their 40’s suffer from ED, and 50% in their 50’s. It is believed that one of the major causes of ED is lack of sleep, too much medication, and psychological issues.
Men who are prone to stress and depression can easily develop erectile dysfunction. Obesity is another problem which can lead to circulatory problems.
It is very essential that you stop and refrain from eating junks. Poor eating habits will only be the source of other health problems like weak immune system and poor eyesight and other related issues.

ED May Not Be ED

If you think you have ED that is not on a regular basis then it might be you are suffering from stress and depression.
There are lots of changes occur after aging. One of these changes in the change in your sexual performance.
But if you are still able to enjoy intimate moment with your partner then it might not be classified as ED. You may not seek help if it does not cause any pain or affect in your overall health.

ED And Aging

Ed is medical condition whether you are young or old. Men who are older might think that ED is normal.
But, it should be this way given that ED can cause you to slow down and even affect both your physical and psychological aspect.
You should seek medical help once your erectile dysfunction is in a regular basis. There are Doctors who would recommend you to undergo certain treatments depending on how serious your problem is.

ED And Lifestyle

Lifestyle has a great impact on your sexual performance. There is a great joy behind men having healthy and good lifestyle.
They get to enjoy longer span of life and manageable health problems.
I want you to understand that healthy lifestyle is truly beneficial. You may not get to experience its benefits overnight but just see after few years.
Changes in your lifestyle require lots of effort and surely you can see changes in the condition of your health as well.

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